Thank you for taking the time to stop by my website.  If you are interested in obtaining relief from troubling symptoms and obtaining long lasting results quickly - then EMDR Therapy is a great treatment for you to consider.  

As an EMDR Therapist, my goal is to help you heal from trauma and other distressing life experiences.  If you are stuck, struggling, or haunted by events that happened in the distant or recent past, EMDR Therapy can be of great benefit. When traumatic things happen they are often hard to forget and can result in distressing symptoms including: disturbing thoughts or images, feeling as if you are re-living the event, trouble getting the event out of your mind, anxiety, always being on guard, nightmares, and feeling numb or overwhelmed.  I utilize EMDR Therapy to alleviate these type of symptoms rapidly and to provide profound relief and healing.  EMDR Therapy can also help resolve phobias, panic attacks, chronic pain, performance anxiety, and many other issues (see list under Services tab).

If you're looking to feel better and to activate your brain's natural healing ability, EMDR Therapy could be a good fit for you.  Check out the video clips and tip sheets below for more information.    If you would like a consultation or to schedule an appointment call or email me.  

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