EMDR Therapy for Individuals

EMDR Therapy is utilized with a wide range of challenges including:

  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder & other stress related issues
  • Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Phobias
  • Chronic Pain, Medical Issues, & Disability
  • Depression 
  • Sexual Assault
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Sleep Disturbance
  • Substance Abuse & Addiction
  • Grief & Loss
  • Military related trauma
  • Violence & Abuse
  • First Responders related trauma
  • Self Esteem

EMDR Therapy desensitizes powerful traumatic memories and disturbing symptoms quickly; providing immense and rapid relief and allowing the brain to resume its natural healing process.  EMDR Therapy is  evidence based and is recognized as a first line treatment for PTSD that is utilized worldwide.   EMDR Therapy can be completed in fewer sessions than other therapy approaches.  I am committed to assisting individuals  to reduce distressing symptoms and meet their treatment goals quickly and effectively.

EMDR Therapy & Chronic Pain:   We experience pain for many reasons.  Usually pain is a signal that something is wrong physically which can start from an injury, medical condition, or traumatic experience.  Sometimes pain can continue longer than expected despite medical treatment.  The longer we experience pain, the more our brain activity becomes modified and the stronger the pain memories can become.  Pain is a problem that starts in our body and is maintained in our brain.  Pain can continue for many reasons including: fatigue, stress, and biochemical and neurological changes.  As a result of this the pain can become locked in the nervous system.  This can lead to repetitive firing of nerve cells and constant incoming pain signals to the brain even after the initial injury or cause of injury is no longer present.  EMDR Therapy can help unlock this process by disrupting the brain activity which is maintaining the pain and desensitizing stored memory pain associated with traumatic memories.

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